When one hears the word summer mentioned, they are sure to think of sun and fun at the beach. For this reason, what better theme to use for a baby shower that takes place in the summertime than a beach theme. There are so many ways in which the hostess of a baby shower can pull off this theme and make it nothing short of fantastic.

Decorations Which Make the Attendees Feel Like They Are at the Beach
There are so many different directions in which a hostess can go when decorating with a beach theme in mind. If she wants to go full force and the place where the room is reserved allows it, why not try to obtain some sand and place the sand in various areas throughout the room. The color scheme of a baby shower of this type can be blues, whites, and yellows with a little red thrown into the mix as well. A big sun cutout can be placed on one of the walls and beach chairs can replace either all or simply the mother-to-be’s chair in the room. Another fun way to bring out the beach theme is to have sunglasses and/or sun visors as party favors for the baby shower guests to take home with them and even wear at the shower to really get into the mood of the beach theme. A baby shower cake with little beach umbrellas and beach chairs placed on it will impress all who see it.

Games with a Beach-oriented Theme
There are a number of usual baby shower games which can be played with a beach theme twist to them. The first is a baby shower word search which, instead of having baby terms for the guests to find, it will have beach-related terms within the puzzle, such as sun, ocean, seagull, etc. Another fun baby shower game which is often played is the Clothespin Game where the guests are given clothespins to put on when they arrive and usually if they say “Baby” the other person takes their clothespin. However, at this type of baby shower, anyone who says “beach” will have their clothespin taken away. The one guest at the end with the most clothespins wins a prize.

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Baby Shower Theme – Summer Beach Theme