There is arguably nothing more refreshing and beautiful during the springtime than the arrival of the tulips in one’s garden. Tulips just seem to symbolize spring. For the hostess looking to throw a baby shower for a mom-to-be in the springtime, a tulip-themed celebration may just be the perfect thing to have.

Decorating with Tulips
The first decorative must-have is fresh tulip arrangements for the center of each table. These can be a variety of different colors or a simple 1-2 color schemed arrangement, depending on the hostess’ preference. During the springtime, one will also find that a number of retail stores will be selling Mylar balloons with flowers on them, especially tulips, and these are a great addition to any baby shower. As for take-home gifts for the attendees, a single tulip in a hand painted pot with the baby shower information painted on it is a wonderfully unique party favor idea that many guests will truly enjoy. Also, when decorating with a tulip theme in mind, the hostess may choose from a wide range of colors for decorating the room with streamers which gives the party a festive feel.

Fun Games with Tulip Prizes
One entertaining baby shower game which is played at quite a few baby showers as it is so popular is Baby Shower Bingo. To play this game, the hostess will have prepared sheets with a bingo board on them. The only square which will be filled out prior to the shower is the center square which will have the word “tulip” in it. When the guests receive their papers, they will fill in each square with what they believe the mom-to-be will receive as baby shower gifts. While the mom-to-be is opening her gifts, the guests will play Bingo and the first person to get a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal Bingo will yell “Bingo” and win a prize. Some examples of prizes with a tulip theme include floral stationary or a tulip potpourri sachet.

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Baby Shower Theme – Spring Tulips