Perhaps one of the most loved and longest running children’s shows still provided for the viewing public today is Sesame Street. For this reason, what better theme to use for a baby shower than one that is loved by all who have ever laid eyes on it.

Countless Decoration Options
As there are so many characters that play vital roles on Sesame Street, there are also so many options for the hostess who chooses to go with a theme of this type. One fun thing that the hostess can do with regard to decorating the room is to designate a character theme for each table, i.e. The Count table or Big Bird table. Once all the tables have a character as their “mascot”, the hostess can choose the colors for each table which keep with the overall colors of the character. Beautiful floral centerpieces can be set in the middle of each table with a small Mylar balloon placed in the middle of each floral arrangement with the table character on it. Sesame Street character cutouts can be placed tastefully around the room so as not to ruin the feminine baby shower feel. If the guests will be having a sit-down meal and the hostess does not wish to use paper plates for this portion of the shower, why not have paper plates with the Sesame Street logo and/or characters on them to be used for cake time. Mentioning the cake, this dessert should be one which has a Sesame Street character on it to really bring out the theme of the party.

Sesame Street Game
A baby shower game that can be played which has a Sesame Street twist to it is Name That Baby. The hostess will prepare an adequate amount of sheets of paper which have the words “Sesame Street” written vertically down the left-hand side of the page. The guests will then need to come up with a boy and girl name for each letter of the word Sesame Street. The guest who has the most names in common with the guest of honor wins a prize.

Sesame Street is an oldie but goodie and the hostess is sure to pull off a Sesame Street themed baby shower which will please and delight all who attend.

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Baby Shower Theme – Sesame Street Theme