Frequently, a hostess who is responsible for throwing a baby shower wishes to stay away from the usual bear and bunny themes when preparing for a celebration of this type. A wonderful way to consider thematic options is to review what is popular with children at the moment. Whether on television or film, there are a number of theatrical characters which please children and are the perfect characters to use for a baby shower theme. One such group of characters which can be used is the Power Rangers.

Fun Decorations
Decorating with this theme in mind can be done for a guest of honor who is having either a boy or a girl. The hostess can pick and choose amongst a wide variety of color schemes as the Power Rangers are quite a colorful group. If the mom-to-be knows she is having a girl, why not stick with feminine colors such as pinks and purples. Alternatively, for the guest of honor with a baby boy on the way, the color scheme can feature more boyish colors such as blues and reds. Streamers can be spread throughout the room in varying colors depending upon the chosen color scheme and Power Rangers balloons can be scattered throughout the area. Power Rangers figures can be set at each table and on the gift table as well to really get the theme across.

Power Rangers Baby Shower Games
The Power Rangers theme can also be incorporated within the baby shower games. A baby shower word search can be constructed using the names of the Power Rangers as well as other items and concepts which relate to Power Rangers. The Clothespin Game can also be played with a Power Rangers twist. Everyone will receive a clothespin upon arrival to the shower and anyone who says Power Rangers will have their clothespin taken by the individual who heard the person say those two restricted words. The person with the most pins at the end of the shower wins a prize selected by the hostess.

By throwing a baby shower with a Power Rangers theme, not only is the hostess being unique in the way of baby shower themes but is incorporating a current phenomenon into a very special day.

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Baby Shower Theme – Power Rangers Theme