Many men and women are in the Navy, so for those moms-to-be that are either enlisted, or their husbands are a great baby shower theme is the Navy. With this theme you can incorporate the color as well as the branch of the armed forces. There are so many creative things you can do with a Navy themed baby shower that it would work for moms-to-be expecting a little girl or a little boy.

When decorating for your Navy baby shower you will certainly want to use the color navy as the major color with accents of baby blue if it is a shower for a baby boy, accents of pink if the shower is for a baby girl, or accents of white or yellow for parents who don’t know the sex of the baby. Tablecloths, balloons, streamers and the like can all be used with these colors and really enhance the shower location. For the cake you will certainly want to have something Navy inspired. This can be as creative as you like and as creative as the baker can make it. There are plenty of Navy inspired items you can buy to enhance the cake as well. Other refreshments can include a fruit plate, finger sandwiches, nuts, punch, and the like.

Navy Games
Granted a Navy baby shower can be a lot of fun and honor mom and dad, but you want to play games too. Fortunately, with a Navy shower you can do just that. A great game to play is a Navy trivia game and you can make the questions about any aspect of the Navy, from football to enlistment numbers. Regardless, it will be a lot of fun. The individual with the most correct answers is the winner. This person will receive a Navy bumper sticker, t-shirt, or whatever else you find appropriate.

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Baby Shower Theme – Navy