For those baby showers which are being held in March and honoring the arrival of a new baby boy or girl of Irish heritage, what better theme to use for a baby shower of this type than one with an Irish twist to it. As St. Patrick’s Day arrives mid-March each year, if a hostess is looking for the perfect theme for a baby shower which is being held around this time, an Irish themed party might just be the best bet.

Decorating with White and Green
There are many ways to pull off an Irish-themed baby shower. Some simple items to keep in mind include Shamrocks and green and white decorations. Decorating the room with white and green streamers and balloons will create a real feel for a theme of this type. Additionally, floral arrangements can be positioned at each table and perhaps in the middle of the food table which have a green and white overtone to them. Placing a sparkling shamrock in the middle of each arrangement will also help with furthering this type of baby shower theme. If the hostess wishes to get a St. Patrick’s Day prop for the Mom-to-be to wear, a nice green felt hat would be the perfect thing to add a little fun to the party. As for party favors, the hostess can provide shamrock candles or scented soaps to take home with them.

Shamrock Games
One fun game which can be played at the baby shower is a version of the Clothespin Game, called Shamrock. When each guest arrives to the party they are given a clothespin to attach to their clothing. If anyone says the word “shamrock” throughout the entire baby shower, the person who heard someone say it gets to take that person’s clothespin. The guest who has the most pins at the end of the game wins a prize, preferably Shamrock-related.

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Baby Shower Theme – Luck of the Irish