Whenever anybody thinks about fall, they usually picture pumpkins in their mind. When a mom-to-be is expecting a baby during the fall or shortly thereafter, there is no better theme which is seasonal and unique as well than one which favors pumpkins as its featured topic. There are so many ways to tie in a pumpkin theme to make a fall baby shower simply wonderful.

Decorating With the Pumpkin Theme in Mind
Pumpkins are great centerpiece materials for decorating a table. If the hostess wishes to use flowers for centerpieces, floral arrangements can be placed on each table and little pumpkins can surround the centerpiece. A wonderful way to bring out the fall-like feel to the baby shower is to have orange napkins with festive fall napkin ring holders. For the party favors, why not try individual votive candle holders with pumpkin spice candles in them. The holders can be as plain or as jazzy as the hostess likes. Orange, yellow, and white balloons make for an even more festive fall atmosphere for this very special occasion.

Pumpkin Games
A fun baby shower game to play which has a pumpkin theme twist to it is Draw the Baby. Guests have to draw a picture of a baby on little pumpkins which the hostess hands out to them. The mother-to-be will then judge the pumpkins and decide which one she likes the best. In order to make it anonymous, the guests should write their initials on the bottom of their pumpkin. The winner of the game wins a prize.

Fall is a great time to have a baby shower and the possibilities are unlimited when it comes to what a hostess may do to make the fall-themed shower a success.

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Baby Shower Theme – Fall Pumpkins