A baby shower may be planned at any time of the year and if you are planning a baby shower for March or April then perhaps an Easter shower would go over well and could be themed on Easter Eggs! At this time of year there are plenty of decorations available, especially at the dollar store, so hosting an Easter Egg baby shower will not only be easy, but also affordable.

Keeping with your budget and your Easter Eggs theme you should head to your local discount store and buy plenty of plastic colored Easter eggs, grass, baskets, and any other things you would like to decorate with. Once you have your decorations you can start decorating the establishment where the Easter Eggs baby shower will be held. Hang banners, fill baskets with the grass and Easter eggs, and just have fun with the decorations.

For refreshments you could offer a cake shaped and decorated like an Easter egg, or mini egg shaped cakes for every attendee. Other refreshments might include boiled eggs, pastel Easter M&Ms, and other fun Easter candies.

Easter egg Hunt
Every baby shower has games, so to go along with your Easter Eggs theme why not have a mini Easter egg hunt? This will be a lot of fun and all of the attendees can be involved. Simply hide some of the plastic eggs before the shower begins. Hide candies in all of the eggs, but a special gold coin in one or two. The individual that finds the lucky egg wins a prize as well as the individual that finds the most. Prizes could be a basket of hand blown and painted Easter eggs to use as decorations in one’s home or an Easter egg basket filled with chocolate Easter candies.

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Baby Shower Theme – Easter Eggs!