A television character that is wildly popular with children these days and would make the perfect theme for a baby shower is Dora the Explorer. This is a great theme because it is one that is suitable for either a baby boy or baby girl who is on the way. There are a number of wonderful things which a hostess can do in order to really bring out the full Dora the Explorer theme.

Decorating Dora Style
There are a number of possible color choices which a hostess can select when using a Dora the Explorer baby shower theme. If the mother-to-be knows whether she is having a boy or a girl, the hostess can choose colors most suitable for one gender or the other. On the other hand, if the mother-to-be does not know the sex of the baby, gender-neutral colors such as greens, yellows and purples can be used to decorate the room. There are Dora invitations which the hostess can send out and also Dora the Explorer party favor bags should the hostess wish to purchase these as well. Besides having a cake for the baby shower, the hostess may want to have cupcakes as well and purchase little Dora the Explorer cupcake toppers to put on each one. Multi-colored streamers are also a wonderful way of making the party even more festive.

Baby Shower Games
The hostess may also wish to play some baby shower games in order to bring a more entertaining mood to the party. There is a great game which can be played while the mother-to-be is opening up her baby shower gifts which makes this activity fun for all. That fabulous baby shower game is Baby Shower Bingo. The hostess will make up bingo boards and leave all boxes blank except for the center square which she can fill in with “Dora the Explorer”, which will be the free space. Prior to the gift opening, the guests will fill in their spaces on their individual bingo boards with gifts they think that the guest of honor will receive. During the gift opening, the guests will put an “X” through each gift which they have listed on their board and the first person to get Bingo wins a prize.

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Baby Shower Theme – Dora the Explorer