A wonderful television series that caters to young children is the Boohbahs. These colorful characters delight children to no end so they are the perfect characters to use as a theme for a baby shower. The hostess throwing the baby shower can do wondrous things with a theme of this type.

Colorful Decorations
As the Boohbahs are lively and bright, so should the decorations be as well. There are five individual Boohbahs so a great thing for the hostess to do with regard to decorating a room for the baby shower is to have Boohbah mascots for each individual table. The tables can be decorated in the color of which the Boohbah mascot is. For example, one table will be orange; one will be purple, etc. There are also a number of Boohbah party favors which a hostess can choose from such as Boohbah wobbler cake toppers, napkins, cups, plates and invitations, just to name a few. Also, each table should have a nice floral arrangement for the center and a Boohbah balloon can be tied to the middle of the centerpiece. Colorful streamers are also a great way to add a fun atmosphere to the baby shower.

Baby Shower Games
An entertaining game which can be played at the baby shower is Know the Parents. The hostess will ask the parents-to-be 10-20 questions prior to the baby shower and will create a type of quiz for the guests to take at the shower. The questions will be general information about the parents and their little one on the way and the guest who answers the most questions correctly in the time allotted wins a prize. In order to keep with the Boohbah theme, the hostess can choose gifts in colors which match up with the different Boohbah characters.

A Boohbah theme is a wonderful way to get the mother-to-be ready for one of the popular children’s characters of today that is sure to delight her future child.

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Baby Shower Theme – Boohbahs