Frequently a hostess wants to plan a sports-related baby shower yet doesn’t wish to go with the usual football or baseball themes. In this case, soccer is another great sports theme which is popular among little boys yet is not as common as the football or baseball themes. There are many ways to pull this type of theme off at a baby shower.

Fantastic Decorations Fit For the Occasion

From start to finish, the hostess of the baby shower is able to tailor all of the preparations and decorations to match the soccer theme. Soccer invitations can be obtained which let the guests know that the theme of the baby shower is most likely sports-related. This may also lead them to believe that the baby on the way is a boy, if they don’t already know. A cake in the shape of a soccer ball is a must and another great way to shape food in a sporty manner is to have all of the butter on the tables shaped and designed to look like soccer balls, if a meal is being served. The hostess may choose to go with the black and white theme but may want to add in some blue to signify boy and add some color.

Games Which Score a Goal

One type of game that can be played is Soccer Trivia. The trivia game can be concocted by the hostess and she can make the questions as easy or as difficult as she likes. Just be sure that the answers are in a multiple choice format for ease of the players. The participant who gets the most correct answers wins a prize.

Soccer-themed baby showers are a wonderful way to welcome the anticipated arrival of the new baby boy.

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Baby Shower Sports Theme – Soccer