A less commonly used sports theme for baby showers yet one that is unique in and of itself is hockey. Using a hockey theme when throwing a baby shower for a mom-to-be who is expecting a baby boy might just be the perfect thing. A hockey theme is good to use as it is one that is not as typical as other sports themes and will boast originality.

Decorations to Bring Out the Hockey Theme

When decorating for a hockey-theme baby shower, the hostess may want to tailor the decorations to the hometown team of the mom-to-be. Not only does this showcase a sport but a local sports team as well. Wall hangings with the name of the hockey team on them can be hung around the room or even hockey jerseys if the hostess has them at her disposal. Little wooden hockey sticks can be criss-crossed and placed within table centerpieces to bring the theme out more. Crepe streamers in the home team’s colors can be used to decorate the room and balloons of the same colors to add some extra flavor.

Games That Are Sure to Please

A fun and unusual game that can be played at a baby shower with a hockey theme is a match game where the participants have to match the names of better known hockey players with their teams. The person with the most correct answers will win a prize. Another great hockey-related game to play at the baby shower would be Hockey Bingo. Bingo boards are constructed using hockey team names and played just like one would play regular bingo. The first person to yell out bingo wins a prize.

A baby shower which is thrown with a hockey theme is unique and perfect for the anticipated arrival of a little boy.

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Baby Shower Sports Theme – Hockey