No sport seems to say boy other than football. For this reason, many baby shower hostesses are choosing to use a football theme for this wonderful celebration. Not only is a sports theme of this type boyish but there are so many ways in which to bring out this theme that it makes preparing for the shower a snap.

Decorations That Make the Guests Want to Scream “Touchdown”

When people think of football, the first color that comes to mind is brown. As brown can sometimes be a boring color to work with exclusively, it is important to bring in other colors as well. Say the father-to-be is a big Washington Redskins fan; why not tie in the team colors so that the theme is special for more reasons than one? If the hostess does choose to go the route of using a particular football team as the inspiration she could tailor the party favors and little gifts to match. A football cake is another great way to bring the football theme to the forefront. Balloons in the football team colors will also add flavor to the final result.

Baby Shower Games That Score

One great game which can be played at a baby shower with a football theme is a match game whereby the guests are given sheets of paper with football teams listed on one side and team colors listed randomly on the other. The object of the game is to match as many teams up with their colors as possible. The guest with the most correct answers wins a prize. Another game that is fun to play at baby showers is the clothespin game. When people arrive at the shower, they are given one clothespin each to attach to their clothing. One can put a football spin on this game by saying if anyone says the word “football” throughout the shower, the person who hears it can steal their clothespin. The individual with the most pins at the end wins.

Sports-related themes, especially football, for boy baby showers are a great way to get the mom-to-be psyched for the birth of her baby boy.

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Baby Shower Sports Theme – Football