Baseball is the all-American sport and a very boyish one at that. This is why hostesses are starting to use baseball as the main theme at boy baby showers which they are hosting. A baseball theme is easily accomplished and the end result is priceless.

Decorations Which Score a Home Run Every Time

Decorating for a baby shower using a baseball theme is not only easy but fun as well. Invitations can be sent out with varying baseball designs on them. For example, some can have a baseball and bat while others can have a baseball field design on the front. By sending out invitations that have the theme right on them, guests are able to tailor their baby gifts towards the theme should they desire to do so. When the guests walk in, they should be greeted by plenty of baseball-related decorations. Balloons, balls, bats, floral arrangements with baseball and bat placards within them and decorative wall hangings can fill the room to showcase the baseball theme.

Games Which Will Never Strike Out

As with any party, games are a fun way to spend the time. For the baseball theme baby shower, games which are played can either involve the baseball themes themselves or have baseball-related gifts as prizes. Trivia games relating to easy baseball questions are a fun way to pass the time. If this may seem a little too hard for the guests to do, why not play some common baby shower games but hand out baseball related prizes.

The baseball theme is a wonderful one to go with when trying to plan the perfect boy-oriented baby shower which will knock the socks off the mom-to-be.

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Baby Shower Sports Theme – Baseball