New moms-to-be want to remember everything and capture every little moment of their baby’s first moments and growth. In order to capture all of those big and small moments, moms need help! By having a Memories of Baby Shower, the guests can share ideas and help the mom-to-be with ideas and ways to capture all the exciting new memories.

Decorations to Remember

Before the shower, the shower planner can ask the mom-to-be’s friends and family members for a favorite memory or picture of the mom-to-be. The shower planner can take all of those pictures and either make a wonderful collage as a shower gift for the mom-to-be, or use the pictures as decoration for the shower. Buy several of the inexpensive self-standing wire picture holders, and place the pictures on the food table, gathering area and other places around the shower location. It is a great way to personalize the shower, and get everyone involved in the theme. Also, buy a nice picture box as a gift so that the mom-to-be can keep all of the pictures from the shower and share with her child later in life.

Gifts and Games to Keep in Mind

For gifts, ask the guests to bring items that will help the mom-to-be gather the memories of the new baby. Photo albums, picture frames, scrapbooks, camera accessories, keepsake boxes, journals and note cards. Also, share ideas on successful ways to preserve memories and picture-taking tips. For a shower game, pass out a nice piece of stationary or note card to each of the guests. Ask each guest to write down their favorite memory of the mom-to-be. Each person can read their favorite memory out loud; it is a great way to share memories and few laughs during this very exciting time. Also, keep the memories and maybe show them with the new child when the new baby grows up.

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Baby Shower Memories – Remember