Planning a baby shower can be a lot of fun, however many times individuals find it rather boring because they use the same old theme and the same old decorations as every other baby shower. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way and you can make your baby shower planning exciting and the baby shower even more so by being creative and thinking of appropriate yet fun themes. For example, an October baby shower could boast a Halloween theme and not only take part in the excitement of the season, but the excitement of the baby on the way as well. One great Halloween theme could be Ghosts and Goblins!

During October you can find lots of Halloween decorations at your local dollar store that are affordable, so just have fun. Buy plastic ghosts and goblins to decorate the tables with as well as orange and black streamers. Orange and black balloons are great as well and can be used throughout the baby shower site. Balloons with ghosts and goblins printed on them are a great idea as well. Don’t forget the cobwebs so you can make the Halloween theme really authentic. You can make a streamer that says something creative like, “Welcoming a New Little Ghost” or some other fun saying that incorporates your theme and the fact that it is a baby shower. Plates and napkins decorated with ghosts and goblins will make your theme flow nicely not to mention cake squares or cupcakes decorated with baby ghosts and goblins. Create the atmosphere with some Halloween music.

Games can be fun as well with a ghost and goblin baby shower theme. Consider having guests act out different scary characters from movies and the other guests guessing. The winner receives a pumpkin to carve for Halloween or a stuffed ghost pillow. Let your creativity run wild and really enjoy hosting a baby shower that is fun, exciting, and just a little spooky!

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Baby Shower Halloween Theme – Ghosts and Goblins