Diaper Fun!

My sister-in-law had the best game I have ever seen at the baby shower she had for me last week. She took 10 disposable diapers, printed numbers from 1 – 10 and filled them with various food products and then tied them up. Everyone had to guess what was in the diapers by smelling them – the one with the most correct guesses won…and of course there was a bonus prize – sometimes the only way to know if a baby has swallowed anything is to inspect the diaper so she had hidden a penny in one of the diapers and the “lucky” winner had to find it – it was hidden in the diaper with Peanut butter!

Other products she put in – chocolate syrup, curry paste, salsa, tea, coffee, ginger, herbs, etc.

It was hilarious watching everyone smell the diapers.

Guess Mom’s Tummy Size!

Each participant cuts a strand of yarn in the approximate size of the Mom-To Be’s tummy… Of course, you’ll need a piece of yarn that is the CORRECT size to measure the guesses against, so that “mom” doesn’t have to participate in any embarassing modeling! Whoever is the closest is the winner!

Baby Scramble

Give each participate a sheet of paper with 10-15 scrambled words on it. The should all be related to babies or baby care. The first one finished wins.

What’s Missing

Prepare a tray with several different baby items on it. Give everyone 60 seconds to look at it, then cover it, and remove 1 or 2 items. You can rearrange the remaining items to make it a bit harder if you like. The first to discover what’s missing wins.

Name That Baby Food

Get several jars of baby food. Have each guest take a small taste. See if anyone can guess what it is.

Questions and Answers

Pass out a sheet of paper and a pencil to everyone. Have them write a baby care question down. Then fold the paper in half and pass it to the left several times. Be sure that no one ends up with their paper. Then have everyone write the answer to their original question on the back of the paper. Everyone gets to then read the questions and the funny answers.

Diaper Derby

Diaper a baby, easy right? Ever do it blindfolded? Do do this, you will need a diaper, powder, and a baby doll.

Pin The Baby on The Stork

Get a picture of a stork. Make a baby for all the guests. Blindfold each guest, turn them around a few times and have them pin the baby on the stork’s beak.

Baby Pictures

Have each guest bring a baby picture to the shower. You can use photo corners to post them to a piece of poster board. When it’s time to play the game, let everyone guess who’s who! Most correct guesses win.

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Baby Shower Games – Small Collection