Games that allow people to create and have some input are some of the best baby shower games or activities. Adding an element of competition to these activities makes them more than just a gathering of people, so it’s still exciting, but it takes the silly element out of the baby shower and makes it all more meaningful.

Most people would like to create something for the baby that is at the center of all the action, and with Sculpting Beautiful Designs your guests can do just that. Think about installing a shelf in the nursery so that you have a place to store and display beautiful designs that are created just for your baby.

How It Works
You’ll need to buy a half-pound or so of molding clay for each of your guests, and that can be as many as you want. You’ll then want to buy several molds, sequins, paint, ribbons, or anything else that you feel you might want to decorate a sculpture with. Then, give these materials to your shower guests and tell them to each create a unique sculpture for your baby. The sculpture can be anything that they would wish, so long as it’s appropriate for a baby.

Give each guest a half hour or forty-five minute time limit so that it’s a competition and each of them really gets as creative as possible. Tell each guest that the person with the most creative sculpture or design will win a prize; perhaps it could be something that the mother sculpted herself. Also allow each guest to choose a spot on the shelf in the nursery for his or her loving sculpture to be displayed.

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Baby Shower Games For Women: Sculpting Beautiful Designs