Baby showers are a wonderful time where individuals come to gather to celebrate with the Mom-to-be as she anticipates the arrival of her little bundle. Not only is the Mom-to-be thinking about everything baby-oriented but it is also a nice time for guests to talk about children and relive their own pregnancy experiences. One portion of a baby shower is usually reserved for game playing, which makes the day even that much more fun. One great game that guests can play is the What Would Mom Say baby shower game.

How to Play What Would Mom Say

This game is very easy to prepare and so much fun for the participants as well. The hostess can prepare the game ahead of time by making up a sheet that has the first part of a phrase listed on the sheet of paper followed by a blank space. For example, diaper _______. The object of this game is for the participants to fill in the blank with what they think the Mom-to-be would put down, as the mother-to-be is also playing the game. With regard to the aforementioned phrase, some would say diaper pail while others would say diaper bag, and so on. At the end of the game the guest of honor will call out her answers and the individuals with the most correct answers win. This is an easily prepared game that only needs numerous copies of the sheet, pens and prizes. Also, any number of individuals can partake in this baby shower game.

Tell Her What She’s Won…

Any type of prize can be awarded for this game. However, some of the more frequently awarded prizes that please most guests include thank you notes, bottles of wine or candles. Whatever prizes are given, the guests are sure to be pleased.

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Baby Shower Game – What Would Mom Say