Here is a new spin on an old shower game.

Purchase several baby items (a diaper, bottle, pacifier, comb, etc) and arrange them on a tray. Pass the tray around the room, asking everyone to look at it.

Have the mom-to-be find a reason to excuse herself and leave the room. Once she is gone, pass out a piece of paper and pencil to each guest. Tell them to write down as many things as the mom-to-be was wearing (color of clothes, hair accessories, earrings, etc). This is a wonderful surprise, as the guests will expect to be asked what was on the tray!

At the end of the evening, the baby items, of course, go to the mom-to-be. If you wish, use a nice mirrored makeup tray to place the items on and give it to the person who remembered the most things about what the mom-to-be was wearing!

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Baby Shower Game – Twisted Memory Game