As nursery rhymes are a part of every child’s world, these songs are wonderful things to apply to baby shower games. The nursery rhyme game is not only fun but it makes the participants think a little as well. It can be as easy or as challenging as the hostess wants it to be.

How to Play

Prior to the baby shower, the hostess will gather together a list of lines from various nursery rhymes. As for materials needed to play the game, the hostess will provide papers, pens and prizes, depending on how many guests will be coming to the baby shower. The nursery rhyme game is very accommodating as one or many individuals can play a game of this type. At the shower, the hostess will read off different lines from nursery rhymes and the guests will have to write down the name of the nursery rhyme from which the line is a part of. The person with the most correct answers wins the prize.

Prizes That Can Be Handed Out

The prizes that the hostess can award to the winner(s) can be of any variety. However, in keeping with the overall theme of the game, the hostess can tailor the prizes to the game content itself. For example, prizes such as CDs, books or prizes that contain items discussed during the game would work perfectly.

The nursery rhyme game is a great way to test the abilities of the guests as to their nursery rhyme knowledge.

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Baby Shower Game – The Nursery Rhyme Game