The Hush Game is a great game to play during a baby shower for a few different reasons. One, it is of such a nature that it encourages conversation amongst the guests at the party and secondly, it is something that can be played throughout the entire baby shower. The following paragraphs will describe the game and list some of the potential prizes which the hostess may award at the end.

Shhh – How to Play the Hush Game
The Hush Game is fairly easy to play. As soon as each guest arrives at the baby shower they are handed a charity bracelet such as ones on sale for Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund or Live Strong bracelets. These charity bracelets are great items to use for the game and they also support good causes as well. The hostess will be able to easily purchase these bracelets from one of many stores in her area. The guests will keep the bracelets on until they say a certain word. The word may be something such as “Baby” or can be related to the theme of the baby shower, such as “Sesame Street” if the baby shower has this type of theme. The person who heard another say the forbidden word gets to take their bracelet. Whoever at the end of the party has the most bracelets wins a prize.

Different Prizes to Award
The hostess can choose to award one or many prizes at the end of this game. Some examples of prizes which may be handed out include bottles of wine, wine charms or figurines. The decision is entirely up to the hostess regarding what she would like to distribute for awards.

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Baby Shower Game – The Hush Game