As with any type of shower party, games are an essential part of the day. It is a way to have fun and lets guests mingle with one another. One great baby shower game that is played quite often is the clothespin game.

How the Clothespin Game is Played

One of the wonderful aspects of this game is that there can be any number of people at the baby shower and still be able to successfully play this game. Also, the only items necessary to play this game is a bag of clothespins and prizes, of course. The way this baby shower game is played is that each guest who arrives to the shower is given a clothespin to attach somewhere on their clothing. If anyone hears another guest say the word “baby”, the individual who heard this word uttered gets to take the clothespin of the person who said baby. This goes on throughout the entire baby shower and at the end of the shower everyone tallies up their clothespins that they have acquired throughout the day and the person with the most clothespins wins a prize. If the baby shower hostess wants to, she can also give prizes for those individuals with the 2nd, 3rd and 4th highest amount of clothespins. By doing this, more than one person is guaranteed a prize.

Possible Prizes to be Awarded

The hostess can award a variety of prizes to the winner(s) of this game. Some ideas for prizes include candles, a bottle of wine, picture frame and a picture album. This prize selection is solely up to the hostess and there are a number of other prizes that that individual may wish to award.

The clothespin game is a very easy game to play. When playing this game, guests are more likely to listen intently to what other guests are saying as well. It is a great way for guests to get to know one another.

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Baby Shower Game – The Clothespin Game