Baby shower games are an essential part of any baby shower. It is a way to get the guests involved in the fun and maybe even give them a little something to take home afterwards. One game that is often a hit at baby showers is the baby item scramble.

How to Play

The baby item scramble is a game in which individuals can participate without ever having to leave their seats. Prior to the shower, the hostess will think of 20 words that are associated with babies and motherhood and scramble up the letters of each word. Armed with copies of the sheet, pens and prizes, the hostess will bring these to the baby shower and have the guests have a go at it. The individuals, who finish the scramble first, and correctly, will win the prizes. This game can be played with any number of individuals and of course involve the mother-to-be in the game as well.


A wide variety of prizes can be chosen to award to the winners of this game. Some especially topic-oriented prizes may include puzzle books such as word finds and crossword puzzles that are extremely appropriate. Should the hostess wish to choose something a little different, why not use some of the table centerpieces as prizes for the winners who are sure to appreciate them.

Baby shower scramble is a fun thing for guests to play from the comfort of their own tables.

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Baby Shower Game – The Baby Item Scramble