Taste test is a great game for an all girl or coed baby shower because it’s not too feminine and will make everyone squirm just a little bit. Taste test is just that, a taste test of baby foods! This game is simple, but will make everyone laugh or gag, depending on exactly what they taste! The host of the party can decide ahead of time if he or she would like to gross out or please the shower guests, or a little of both!

The game will require three to four different types of baby food. If you have a lot of guests you’ll want to buy a couple jars of each. You’ll want to remove the labels from the baby food so that no one can simply read the type of baby food off the jar. You’ll also want to buy a couple dozen disposable spoons so that each person can taste the baby food without sharing germs with the other guests. You’ll also want to have small pieces of paper and pencils for each guest.

When you are ready to start the game you’ll simply ask all the guests to close their eyes, then one by one you’ll feed them a small bite of the baby food. After each taste the guests will write down their guess as to what sort of baby food it was. You can have three or four rounds of tasting and then at the end everyone will reveal their guesses. The person who gets all the taste testings right wins the prize, if no one gets them all right the person with the biggest number of correct guesses is the winner.

A prize for this game should definitely be edible and something yummy with some texture! Chocolate that fits with your baby shower theme is a great idea, and the guest will love to indulge in it to rid their mouth of the baby food taste!

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Baby Shower Game – Taste Test