Sesame Street is a fun and heartfelt television series which many people are familiar with. For this reason, what better theme to use for a baby shower game than Sesame Street. The Sesame Street Crossword Puzzle is the perfect game for a hostess to have at a baby shower. It is not only entertaining for the guests but easy to prepare as well.

How to Prepare and Play This Fun Game
This is a game which is relatively easy for the hostess to put together for the baby shower guests and guest of honor. Crossword puzzles are also convenient games to play at baby showers as the only materials that are needed are the main crossword sheet, copies of the puzzle and some pens. The easiest way to prepare the crossword puzzle is to make a list of various Sesame Street characters first and then prepare a crossword puzzle grid based on those characters. Different clues should be given such as “Who lives in a trash can?” or “Who is the yellow bird on Sesame Street?” Since Sesame Street is quite a popular series, many individuals will be able to answer the clues and solve the puzzle. The winner is the individual who finishes the puzzle first and has all of the correct answers.

Prizes Which Stick With the Game Theme
A great way to tie in the prizes with the Sesame Street game theme is to award prizes which are either Sesame Street related prizes or color-coded prizes. Some Sesame Street prizes that can be awarded are Bert and Ernie bath beads and bubble bath or other Sesame Street novelties. As for color coding prizes, the hostess can choose a Big Bird prize (a gift that is yellow) or a Count prize (one which is black and purple). These are just a few prize ideas for the hostess to consider when planning the Sesame Street Crossword Puzzle game.

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Baby Shower Game – Sesame Street Crossword Puzzle