A fun game at any time of year, this game can be modified for seasons or events. Everyone gets involved at the same time and can have fun picking on one person if they choose, perhaps the guest of honor.

To start, everyone must be in a circle. Each person picks a new name for the game, related to the season. So for a Christmas party your guests may choose snowflake, Rudolph, Santa, or mistletoe as their name. The person who is “it” stands in the middle with a rolled up tube of newspapers or gift wrap and calls out someone’s name. The person named has to quickly call out another name, before getting bopped. It they don’t then they go into the middle. If they do call someone’s name quickly enough then that person needs to shout out a name before getting hit. The game goes on until everyone has just had enough of getting bopped!

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Baby Shower Game – Remember A Name