Teamwork is required in this game that will have you falling off your feet with laughter. The reward is a prize, if you can get to it before anyone else. Be careful though, you will need everyone else to help you get to where you can grab the reward.

First the group gets into a circle, facing outward and linking arms. A prize such as a candy bar, money, or other small gift, is placed in the center. The team must move in together to get to the prize. The person who grabs it first wins. This can be difficult because the group must work together to close up the circle tight enough for you to reach the prize, but you must get your hands into the center first to grab it without unlinking your arms. You can have several small prizes and put one at a time in the circle. Then once someone gets a prize they sit out. The next round would have one less person. By the last round it will just be two people, back to back, squirming for the prize!

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Baby Shower Game – Pick Up the Prize