You can choose tunes related to a themed party such as a fiesta, luau, or 50s style party can carry over the theme with this guessing game. The winner is the person or team who can guess the tune in the shortest amount of time. It works really well if you have a piano player in the group and some sheet music. The game is played by dividing the group into two teams. The first members of each team go up against each other and try to out bid each other, saying, “I can name that tune in 5 seconds (or if with a piano 5 notes). Then the opposing team member says, “I can name that tune in 4 seconds.” If the first person doesn’t think they can beat that, they say, “name that tune.” It they name the tune correctly, they get the point. If not the other team gets the point.

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Baby Shower Game – Name That Tune