Baby shower games that are played during a shower of this type are ways for the guests to interact with one another and possibly win nice prizes as well. There are a number of different games that the hostess of a baby shower may choose from when looking to entertain her guests. One baby shower game that keeps the guests amused and may help the Mom-to-be decide on a baby name is the Name That Baby game.

How to Play Name That Baby

This is a fairly easy game, both for the guests to play and the hostess to prepare. It is also one that any number of guests may play. Prior to the shower, the hostess will prepare a sheet that has the letters from A to Z listed on it and a blank space after each letter. The hostess will make a number of copies, depending upon the number of guests who will be attending, and bring that along with pens and prizes to the baby shower. When it comes time to play the game, the hostess will distribute the sheets and pens and inform the guests that the object of the game is to come up with a baby name for each letter. The mother-to-be will also play this game. Those guests who have the most names in common with what the guest of honor wrote down will win a prize.

Prizes to Award the Winners

There are so many nice items that a hostess can choose to hand out as prizes. Some particularly wonderful prizes for this game may be writing instruments, potpourri and decorative candleholders. The hostess may award one prize or many prizes depending upon what she wishes to do.

This baby shower game is one that will entertain the guests and the mom-to-be as well.

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Baby Shower Game – Name That Baby