There are many games which a hostess can choose from when looking for the perfect one to play at a baby shower. If the hostess is interested in having a game which is a little bit unique yet still easy and fun then Muppet Scramble may be the perfect choice.

How to Play Muppet Scramble
Prior to the baby shower the hostess will need to compile a seek and find game which has about 10-15 words in it that are associated with the Muppets. Once the hostess has created the seek and find, she should then make the appropriate amount of copies in order to accommodate all of her guests at the baby shower, including the guest of honor. On the day of the shower, the hostess just has to be sure that she has enough pens or pencils for everyone and can hand out the seek and find sheets with pens/pencils once it is time for the games to get under way. The guests and guest of honor will then have approximately 5-10 minutes to find as many hidden words as they can. The guest who finishes the puzzle first wins a prize.

Great Prizes to Award to the Muppet Scramble Winners
Depending on what the hostess wishes to do, she can either choose to hand out prizes for the winners which have a Muppet theme or can hand out non-Muppet oriented prizes. If she wants to award prizes which stick with the theme of the game, a great gift to go with would be a Muppet Christmas tree ornament, if it is around the holidays. If not, or if the hostess wishes to have a neutral prize, a nice bottle of wine or beautiful candle holder could be two options.

Muppet Scramble is a great game to play and the theme is one which will most likely bring back some nice memories of these fun TV characters for the guests who get to play it.

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Baby Shower Game – Muppet Scramble