Many of the baby shower games which are played these days are ones in which the guests participate in. However, there is a game where the guests can be the spectators and the Mom-to-be is the main game contestant. This is a great way to make the guest of honor the center of attention.

How Mom-To-Be Trivia Is Played
This game is relatively easy for the hostess to prepare and just takes a little bit of independent research. The hostess will come up with about 15-20 questions relating to pregnancy, childbirth and parenting which the guest of honor will have to answer at the baby shower. Depending upon how many questions the Mom-to-be answers correctly, she will get a prize which may be small or large.

How Prizes Are Awarded
The hostess will have 3-4 prizes on hand to award to the guest of honor, depending on how many answers she gets correct. The prizes will range from small, inexpensive items to larger, more expensive items. If she correctly answers between 0-5 questions, she gets the first smaller prize. When she gets 5-10 answers correct, she will be awarded the next prize and so on. The hostess may choose to pick prizes which are baby-related or other prizes which the Mom-to-be can use for herself. This is a wonderful way for the guest of honor to test her knowledge regarding childbirth and parenting and give her some nice gifts to take home as well.

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Baby Shower Game – Mom-To-Be Trivia