Many women lose their identity when they are pregnant because they are so focused on their pregnancy, their other children, or even their husband that they forget about themselves. Playing this game, memories of Mommy, will make her smile and remind her of good times before she had children, and perhaps even before she was married. Memories of Mommy is a good game for all types of baby showers, all women or a mixture of both men and women.

Make Her Smile
Memories of Mommy is a simple game that requires that each party guest write one of their favorite memories of the expectant mother on a piece of paper. People will then give the piece of paper to the expectant mother so she can read them aloud to all of her baby shower guests. Shower guests will watch on as the mother to be reads about memories that she may or may not recall, things that will make her laugh and cry, and things that will be long forgotten until now.

Make It A Game
Memories of Mommy can be made a game if each person writes their memory anonymously. Then, the mother will have to read the memory and decide who wrote it. It can be fun, especially if the mother has experienced some things with more than one party guest. The more obscure the memory, the more fun the game will be. After the game is played all of the memories can be combined to create a memory book for Mommy whenever she needs to get in touch with herself.

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Baby Shower Game – Memories Of Mommy