When you have a coed baby shower you have to be willing to think outside of the box where baby shower games are concerned because you want games that everyone will feel relatively comfortable playing. Of course, baby shower games are sort of cheesy and silly in their very nature, but men won’t always be comfortable playing some of the more girly games. So, leapfrog is a great choice!!

Since the game is coed it’s a safe bet that many of the people will be there together, as couples. For this game simply have each couple make a team, and pair up people who may be there are singles. Then, you’re going to have a good old-fashioned leapfrog game. This game can be made even more interesting by adding pregnant bellies or having each hopper hold a baby as they jump. If the baby hits the ground, the couple is disqualified. The couple that reaches the end of the course the fastest wins the game! If you have a lot of couples and not much room, you can have several different rounds and then a final round with all the winners.

This coed baby shower game is a great way to break the ice and get everyone laughing. There are sure to be falls and spills, and that will just add to the hilarity. The prize for the game could be a big stuffed frog, or a pair of them for the couple. This is a great baby shower game for a shower that has a tropical, frog, or jungle theme!

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Baby Shower Game – Leapfrog