For this game, you need two flowers stuck together on a safety pin (like with a corsage). Wrap the flowers in a clothing gift box. Wrap the clothing gift box in several layers of wrapping paper.

Gather your guests in a circle. Explain that you are playing “hot bloomers,” a game like hot potato, and that whoever has the bloomers when the music stops has to wear the bloomers for the entire rest of the party. Start some music. When you stop the music, the person holding the box takes off a layer of wrapping paper. Then, start the music back up and repeat. When there are no more layers on the box, pass it around one more time until the music stops. The person holding the box opens it and has to wear the “bloomers” for the rest of the party.

This game is particularly fun, because no one wants to wear the “bloomers” for the rest of the party!

The gift, of course, is that the person who gets the box gets to keep the corsage.

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Baby Shower Game – Hot Bloomers