A variation of the traditional board game of Pictionary, in this game the clues are formed in play-dough or clay. Two teams race to see who can guess what one team member has made before the other team guesses.

To set up the game, form into two teams. Each has a pile of play dough and either word cards from the Pictionary game or words made up by the host. When the timer starts, set for 30 seconds, then the selected team member starts forming the word. If the host wants to play, then have each team make up words that the other team has to form.

If making up your own words, you can use such items as, river, birdhouse, Texas, confetti, hemline, etc. Remember you are choosing words that may be picked for your team or the other team, so you don’t want them to be too easy or too difficult.

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Baby Shower Game – Guess the Play-Dough Sculpture