Even if you do not want to play the corny games usually associated with baby showers, there are many activities that you can turn into games. Women like babies and they like fashion so why not combine the two for a lot of unique baby shower fun? Baby Fashion Designer is a game that every shower guest will wonder why she did not have such fun games at their own shower!

How To Play
Choose a plain piece of baby sized clothing for each guest, for the best results choose the same item for each guest, as this game really can be played with any number of guests. Baby clothing such as t-shirts, sleepers, and onsies work best for this because you can buy them quite plain, and you can also buy quite a few at a bargain. Then, get fabric pieces, fabric paint, sequins, thread, buttons, yarn, and anything else you might associate with clothing. Then, tell each of your shower guests that they can create an outfit for your child with any or all of the items provided. The mother to be or the hostess will then judge all of the finished products and decide which participant is deserving of a prize!

Ready, Set, Go!
Tell your shower guests that they have to put together the best product they can in twenty minutes, or whatever you decide is an appropriate time allotment. This will make guests get even more creative and will also get their competitive juices flowing. Encourage all your guests to get really creative, and have some fun, you’ll be amazed how many of your friends are baby fashion designers!

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Baby Shower Game For Women: Baby Fashion Designer