A fun game for a coed baby shower is the game Drink That Juice. This game is sure to inspire laughter from everyone at the shower. This game is great for coed showers because it doesn’t take too long and it’s not too girly so the guys will feel comfortable participating, too.

Drink that juice will require that you have as many small six ounce baby bottles as you do shower guests, buy extras and you can always return them if they are left over. Fill the bottles as full as you would like with apple juice or another type of juice that most people will like. Then, pass out the bottles and challenge the group to drink all of the juice in the bottle in the least amount of time. This will seem like a simple task, but in reality it’s not!

You’ll look on as all your shower guests are trying to drink the juice out of the bottle as quickly as possible. Your guests will be laughing and giggling, which will make the task at hand that much more difficult. Finally, someone with a pair of very sore cheeks will slam their bottle down and they’ll be declared the winner!

The winner can be given a baby bottle full of an item that is themed for the baby shower. If in doubt as to what you should fill the bottle with, candy is always a good option! If you’d like, you can also buy bigger baby bottles that are used for gift giving or favors and fill it with something bigger and appropriate for your theme. Also, don’t forget the camera because these will be photos that the baby to be will love to see years down the road!

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Baby Shower Game – Drink That Juice