Dress the baby is a great game to play at a coed baby shower because the laughs will be doubled with the men playing this game also. Dress the baby is a fun game where each player will compete against the others to diaper and dress a baby doll in the least amount of time possible. To be deemed the winner, the baby must be properly diapered and dressed faster than anyone else is able to dress his or her baby.

To play dress the baby you’ll need three or four life size baby dolls. Even if you have more people than baby dolls it’s okay, you can simply have people go in groups. Then, you’ll need newborn size diapers to fit the baby dolls. Try to buy dolls that already have clothes on to keep from having to buy clothes to fit them. If you cannot find babies with clothes on, buy a package of sleepers or onesies that will fit well enough.

Simply have the people line up and dress the baby, the person who is done the fastest will win a prize. The prize can be just about anything you want, but try to make it relate to your baby shower theme if at all possible. Having coed related gifts will be good too, because a man might not be very excited about winning a gift bag full of soap or potpourri! So, get creative with the prizes so you have something to offer everyone who wins, and you never know who will be able to dress the baby the fastest! It just might surprise you!

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Baby Shower Game – Dress The Baby!