When trying to select appropriate games to play at a baby shower, the hostess may have quite a few different ones to choose from. One game that is fun not only for the guests but the mother-to-be as well is a game called Dress the Baby.

How to Play Dress the Baby
Prior to the day of the baby shower, the hostess will prepare for this game by going to the local store and picking up an average size doll and some accompanying baby items such as diapers, a bonnet, socks, a Onesie outfit, and shoes. The hostess will bring these things along with a blindfold to the baby shower. This is a game which can be played with any number of individuals. The object of the game is for the guests and guest of honor to try and dress the baby while blindfolded in the time allotted. The individuals who dress the baby the fastest win the prizes.

Prizes to Award
There are a number of prizes which a hostess can award to the guests who win at Dress the Baby. One great way to choose appropriate prizes is to try and select items which stick with the theme of the party. For example, if the theme is Precious Moments, why not choose a Precious Moments picture frame or figurine to hand out as a prize.

Dress the Baby is a fun-filled game to play at one’s baby shower which will have the room filled with laughter.

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Baby Shower Game – Dress the Baby