Even though this is a traditional baby shower game, it is always good for a laugh and an ideal way to get your guests mingling. If you have family and friends from both sides of the family who don’t know each other really well, this game will help break the ice.

Give each guest a clothes pin at the beginning of the party. Instruct them that they may not use the word “baby” for the next hour. If they do say the forbidden word, the person who hears her gets to take her clothes pin. If someone has earned other clothes pins and says the word “baby” then the person catching her gets all of her clothes pins. The person with the most clothes pins on them after 1 hour wins.

A variation of this game may be to use other words such as “labor” “delivery” “diapers” or any other baby-related word. You could also use safety pins instead of clothes pins.

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Baby Shower Game – Did You Say Baby?