This is a fun take on the Murder game where hand squeezing instead of winking is what kills you. If you are the murderer and kill everyone before they find out who you are, then you win. If the rest of the group finds you first, the team wins.

All of the players need to sit in a circle close enough to hold hands. A piece of paper is folded for each person playing. Only one has an “X.” If you draw the “X” you are the murderer. To start killing people you squeeze the hand of the person to your left or right a number of times. They then squeeze the hand of the person on the other side of them the same number of times minus one. When it gets to one squeeze, then that person is dead, and needs to die in a dramatic way. For example, say you are the Murderer. Think of who you want to kill. If it is the person 4 players to your right, you would squeeze the persons hand to your immediate right 4 times. They still will not know you are the murderer, because you could have received 5 squeezes and are just passing on the next four. The person on your immediate right then squeezes the hand of the next person on their right 3 times. That person then squeezes the hand of the person on their right 2 times, and so forth. The person receiving one squeeze only dies. The squeezing can start either to the left or right, but continues in the same direction until some one dies. After killing someone, the murderer then starts the sequence again, maybe using 2 squeezes this time. He can even choose one squeeze and kill the person next to him. When someone suspects they know who the murder is, then they say “I suspect that (person’s name) is the murderer.” Someone must then second it. If they are right, the murderer is caught. If not, they both die and are out of the game.

The murderer must be careful not to let anyone see him squeeze someone’s hand, however, the observer doesn’t know if that was the first squeeze or not and may falsely accuse someone.

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Baby Shower Game – Deadly Squeeze