Baby shower games are a wonderful way to add some laughter and additional entertainment to a baby shower. From matching games to active participation games, the possibilities are endless for a hostess trying to find the perfect game. One such baby shower game that is fun and thought provoking as well is the celebrity parents and children matching game.

How to Play

This game can accommodate any amount of people from 2 individuals upward. The only materials necessary for preparing for and playing this game include paper, pens and a little bit of thinking as well. The hostess prepares the game ahead of time with a little independent research to find out names of celebrity moms and dads and their kids. The best way to do this is via the Internet. Once the hostess comes up with about 10-20 names, she will then list the parents first and last names in the first column and then list the first names only of the kids in the second column in a varied order. She will then make as many copies of the sheet as are necessary to properly accommodate the number of individuals attending the shower. At the shower, all of the guests will try to match the names of the parents with the children and the guest with the most correct answers will win a prize.

Possible Prizes for the Winner(s)

The hostess may award one or more prizes to those individuals with the most correct answers. Some possible prizes may include movie tickets, an inexpensive DVD or a book written by one of the celebrities whose name was listed in the game. This is a great way to tailor the prizes to the theme of the game.

The celebrity parents and children game is an exciting game to play at a shower that tests the knowledge of the guests.

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Baby Shower Game – Celebrity Parents and Children Game