Typical baby shower games can get a bit boring, and when you have a coed baby shower you have to think about making everyone comfortable and selecting games that will be somewhat entertaining for both men and women. Diaper building is a great way to get everyone involved in creating something fun and unusual.

This baby shower game will require diapers, the more the better. It’s a good idea to buy a variety of sizes, because even if they aren’t used at the baby shower the mother to be can keep them for the baby when it’s born. Diaper building will require that you break your shower guests into groups of three to five people each. Then, you’ll give each team two to five packages of diapers. You’ll then tell them that they have a set amount of time, say ten to fifteen minutes, to build an item related to your baby shower theme. For instance, if you have a teddy bear baby shower theme you’ll tell them to build a teddy bear. The only tool they have is their hands and the diapers.

One person will be chosen as the judge to decide which group builds the best item. After ten to fifteen minutes the judge will walk around to the items that have been built and everyone will giggle as they realize how imaginative or creative everyone got with their bare hands and some diapers. The laughing will start the minute that the teams start building and will likely reach a climax during the judging phase. Each of the members of the winning team should receive a stuffed animal or item that was built by the team. For instance, if they are building teddy bears with the diapers each member will be given a stuffed teddy bear as the prize. This is a fun and original baby shower game that men and women will both have a lot of fun with!

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Baby Shower Game – Building With Diapers