This word game is great for large or small groups. The object is to get points for spelling real words at least 4 letters long. You can add to words to get extra points, even if someone gets a shorter word from the word you are thinking of.

To play, one person thinks of a word and gives the first letter. The second person adds a letter not knowing what word he intends on spelling. It keeps going until someone gets a word point and then continues if another word can be made by continuing. For example, say the first person is thinking of the word “highlight.” They would say “h” and then the next person could add a letter. If the second person says “e”, then the word starts to change. If it continues to spell “h-e-l-p” then the person saying the “p” would get a point. You can continue to spell “helper” so the sixth person would get the point and start a new word. If someone is spelling a word in a direction you don’t think will lead to a real word you can challenge them. If they can tell you a word with the letters so far, you would get a “G.” If they can’t, they would get a “G.” The first person to spell G-H-O-S-T is out of the game.

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