Baby shower games are a great addition to any baby shower to make the event even that much more fun for all who attend. Baby Scrabble is one such game which will entertain and delight the crowd. It is a wonderful interactive game which will test the knowledge of the guests and possibly award them with a prize in the end.

Items Needed to Play Baby Scrabble
Depending on how many guests are going to be attending the baby shower, the hostess will need to bring enough Scrabble boards to accommodate all of the individuals. If the hostess only has one Scrabble board, she probably won’t need to go out and purchase extra boards as she may be able to borrow some Scrabble games from friends and family members. The idea behind Baby Scrabble is to play Scrabble as one normally would yet only be able to make up words which relate to childbirth, parenting and of course, babies.

How to Award Prizes to the Winners and What Types of Prizes Should Be Awarded
The hostess can arrange the prizes in a number of ways. Perhaps the easiest way to award prizes is to have a prize or two handed out to the guest(s) with the highest score(s) at each table at the end of the Scrabble round. Some wonderful prizes to award at a baby shower are picture frames, candles or Bath and Body Works baskets.

Baby Scrabble is a fun game to play which ties in real nicely with the overall baby shower theme.

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Baby Shower Game – Baby Scrabble