The Baby Name Game is one which has been played at a number of baby showers. However, there are ways in which to make this game unique and tailor it to the individual baby shower so that it is not the same, old game.

How to Play
Many baby showers these days have themes to them. One way in which to make the Baby Name Game a unique and exciting game is to tailor it towards the baby shower theme. For example, if the theme is Precious Moments, the hostess would take a sheet of paper and write PRECIOUS MOMENTS vertically down the left-hand side of the sheet. Next to each letter, she should draw two straight lines. Prior to the baby shower, the hostess will make enough copies to accommodate all of the guests and mom-to-be and bring the sheets along with an adequate number of pens/pencils to the party. When the time comes for the game to be played, everyone will have to select both a boy and girl name starting with each letter of PRECIOUS MOMENTS. For example, for P the guests could list Paula and Peter and so on. Once everyone has filled in their sheet, the guest of honor will read off her names and whoever has the most names in common with the guest of honor wins a prize.

Great Prizes for the Winners
With regard to the prizes, the hostess may choose to buy gifts which are theme-oriented or just regular gifts. For theme-oriented prizes, the hostess can purchase a Precious Moments calendar, for example. If a general theme prize is more desirable, then perhaps a small bottle of perfume or cookie jar would be unique prizes to award. Whatever the hostess chooses to go with for prizes, the guests are sure to be pleased in the end if they win a prize.

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Baby Shower Game – Baby Name Game