There are a number of fun and exciting baby shower games which a hostess can select from when looking to choose the perfect one. If a game which involves both the guests and guest of honor is what the hostess wishes to choose, then the Baby Item Game is a great option.

Preparing For and Playing This Shower Game
In order to prepare for this game, the hostess will need to do a little baby item shopping in advance and purchase about 10 different items. She can choose from a number of inexpensive items such as bottles, spoons, diapers, wipes, etc. The hostess will bring the items to the baby shower in a big brown paper bag. Prior to playing the game, the mother-to-be will secretly choose 5 or so items from the bag and put them in another brown bag. When it comes time to play the game the guests will have to guess what items are in the guest of honor’s bag and the guest who gets the most number of items correct wins a prize.

Ideas for Prizes Which Can Be Awarded
When it comes to selecting prizes to award to the winners, the hostess has a number of options to choose from. Some perfect prize selections may include Godiva chocolates, small gift baskets or even some unique candle holders. The hostess may also decide to award more than one gift and hand out prizes to the 2nd and 3rd place winners along with the 1st place winner.

The baby item game is a great way for both the guests and guest of honor to have some fun during game time at the baby shower.

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Baby Shower Game – Baby Item Game