In keeping with the baby theme of a baby shower, a wonderfully appropriate game that can be played is the baby animal game. This is a thought provoking game that makes individuals test their knowledge.

How to Play the Baby Animal Game

The materials necessary for preparing and playing this game include paper, pens or pencils and prizes. The hostess of the baby shower will prepare a sheet of paper that is divided into two columns. In the first column, the hostess will list baby animal names and in the second column in a mismatched order she will then list mother animal names. The hostess will make as many copies as are necessary so that each guest has one. It is important to note that this game can accommodate any number of players. The idea behind this game is for the guests to match each baby name to that of its mother. For example, gosling would match with goose and fawn would match with doe. Whoever upon completion has the most correct matches will win a prize.

Variations of This Game

To make the game a little bit different, the hostess has the option of varying the game a bit. For example, she can choose to add father animal names as well or only list baby names and have the guests fill in the blank as to what the mother animal name is. This is a way to make it a bit more challenging. In addition, the hostess may wish to award more than one prize to accommodate runners-up.

Prizes That Can Be Awarded

Any type of prize can be the award for winning the game. However, a fun thing to do is to get prizes that have animals in them such as a bear picture frame or a bottle of Yellowtail wine which has a kangaroo on the front. This keeps with the whole animal theme from start to finish.

The baby animal game is a theme appropriate game that is also challenging to play.

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Baby Shower Game – Baby Animal Game