When it comes to planning a baby shower, all the parts of the big party need to be well thought out. There are a few traditional rules for planning, but feel free to input your creative side, whenever possible.

First things first. The person throwing the party nowadays can be anyone close to the mother to be. This includes sisters, mothers, or even a co-worker. A group of close friends can also be the baby shower hostesses, therefore spreading around the responsibility of this big day for the new mom. The guest list should be gone over with the mom to be to make sure no one that she wants there is left out, unless of course, you are planning a surprise baby shower. Do not forget the food for a baby shower. No shower would be complete without finger sandwiches or baby items shaped into little treats. The theme for a baby shower can vary. If the due date is close to Halloween, why not have a costume themed shower. Utilize the time of year and the new mom’s favorite things to create the perfect theme.

Once you decide upon a theme, the invitations can be bought or made, depending on how creative you wish to be. Be sure to mail the invitations within three weeks of the party date to insure a great turnout. Have all details of the shower listed on the invitation, as well as directions for those who will need them. The decorations for the shower should revolve around the new baby and your party theme. If the new baby is a boy, decorate in blue and pink if it is going to be a girl. If the sex is unknown, make sure the party decorations are not gender specific and use greens and yellows. Next, choose a perfect spot for the shower. These places may include your home or a place special to the new mom’s heart. Having a baby shower around the due date is not recommended. Having the baby shower a few months before the due date is a perfect time for this new baby festivity. This will give mom time after the shower to buy the items she did not receive at her baby shower. Games are a fun and interactive way to get all the guests involved at a baby shower. See who can put a diaper on their stuffed animal the fastest or make up your own party games. Party favors for the winner of each game and a gift for attending the shower are also parts of a great baby shower.

No matter what you choose for the baby shower, one thing is for sure, the mother to be will be greatly appreciative of your efforts. Make mom your number one priority for that day. This is her day to shine and a fun day for relaxation…and gifts.

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Baby Shower Etiquette